Passing on memories

“Although I grew up Lexington, in town, my grandparents lived in Midway. From a very early age, I remember how much I loved it when my dad would take the “back roads” to go visit: Pisgah Pike or Old Frankfort. The stone fences and rolling farmland were so mesmerizing and the landscape seemed to be a part of me.

When I applied to law school, I wrote my entrance essay about conservation easements and protecting the Bluegrass. Somewhere along the way, I was sidetracked and ended up at a law firm in litigation. Very soon after, the stars aligned, and my dream job of protecting the Bluegrass landscape became available.

I love that my own daughter can enjoy the same viewshed that I did at her age when we made that same drive to Midway to see our family because of all of the acres permanently protected with BLC conservation easements!”

Ashley Greathouse

Bluegrass Land Conservancy
Counsel, Director of Conservation

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