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What is the Cost of Conservation?

What is the Cost of Conservation?

Did you know, on average, it costs Bluegrass Land Conservancy (BLC) $25,000 to protect and steward a farm here in the Bluegrass?

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BLC protects every property in our portfolio in perpetuity.  We consider the preservation value to our community and future generations to be well worth the price tag.  But our goal to increase the pace of conservation while maintaining the level of excellence we have achieved as a nationally accredited land trust, which currently protects 119 properties, is dependent on the generosity of BLC supporters.

  • Our average conservation easement is 219 acres.
  • The cost Bluegrass Land Conservancy incurs to complete one conservation easement is roughly $16,000.
  • After the conservation easement is recorded, it cost the organization roughly $800 per year for that easement’s monitoring and stewardship obligations.
  • The average cost to a land trust to challenge an easement violation is $5,000 – and this cost does not include staff resources.

Multi-year pledges, monthly online giving, and planned gifts are generous and sustaining approaches to taking action on your commitment to land and cultural preservation.  Your support goes directly to mission critical needs, including, the ongoing stewardship obligations of BLC, current and future land protection outreach and projects, and education efforts on the lasting benefits of land conservation.