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Chicory Ridge: A Farm, a Wildlife Haven, an Inspiration

Chicory Ridge: A Farm, a Wildlife Haven, an Inspiration

It could have been chopped up by haphazard development — but instead, this farm’s beautiful pastures, quiet woodlands, and wildflowers will remain part of the long rural history of Harrison County.

Susan Richards, a poet who has lived on this land, known as Chicory Ridge, for almost 50 years with her husband, Dick, reflected that, “When we were looking at farms to buy, this was the one that brought the tears to my eyes. Over the years, all Dick’s hard work on it has made it even more beautiful. I walk it daily in every season. I want to live here forever watching over it. But I can’t. I’ll die,” shared Susan.

“I couldn’t stand the idea that our land — which has been cared for as a farm and haven for wildlife since the late 1700’s — would go the way of some sprawling development.”

Susan’s love of the land is a big part of her work as a poet and a writer, including the story of how she and Dick nurtured an orphaned foal in the poem “Night-Watching Mahalia” from her book The Life Horse. Now conserved, the Richards’ land will inspire others for generations.

“I cannot imagine a time when there is no place for horses, for wildlife, for the sounds of the spring that has always flowed from the hillside below the old log house.”

Susan Richards