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What is it about farms that you love? One of our biggest challenges is that while our communities rely on fresh water, local food, wildlife habitat, breathtaking views, and a vibrant agricultural economy, the importance of farmland conservation as part of that experience isn’t always appreciated until it’s gone. By providing educational and interactive programs, we are working to change that.

Do you have an idea for a program that you would like to partner with us on, or perhaps another local group you would like to see us come together with on a program? Or would you like to host a program on your own farm, inspiring others by sharing your personal connection to your land? By providing these fun, regular, outdoor experiences, we can collectively ensure that farmland conservation will stand the test of time.


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kids cleanup

Why I Care

“I love the opportunity to get my kids into any greenspace, and it’s even better to visit one where the family has made a commitment to keeping the farmland intact for future generations.”

 Kristin Ingwell Goode, who volunteered at this past year’s creek clean-up with her son