Bluegrass Bingo

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve played bingo – come out to join Friends of Bluegrass Land Conservancy for one of their seasonal Bluegrass BINGO events and you will immediately be reminded of just how much FUN it is!

Previous events have been held at Ethereal Brewing and Blue Stallion Brewing Co. — both of whom generously donated 10% of the event evening’s proceeds to Bluegrass Land Conservancy. Do you have or know of a venue that would be interested in hosting one of these crowd pleasing events? Let us know!

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Mary Catherine White

Why Become a Friend

“Having been raised in a large urban city (Houston, TX), upon moving to Lexington, it became apparent quite quickly how essential LAND is in making Lexington special. I became involved with Friends of Bluegrass Land Conservancy because I want generations to be able to experience the beauty of Kentucky Bluegrass. The land is why Lexington and surrounding areas have been successful; the horses, the tobacco, the crops, the Bourbon, and, of course, the rolling hills of the Bluegrass are what make Kentucky unique and wonderful, and I wanted to have a small part in preserving that!”

Mary Catherine White