Nancy S. Theiss

Board Member
Education & Outreach Chair


Nancy Stearns Theiss is a native of Oldham County and currently Executive Director of the Oldham County Historical Society.  Currently research involves investigation of sites that have relevance to the Underground Railroad for development of tours and educational programs at the Oldham County History Center Museum and archives.  The history center is a facility and site for the National Park Service National Underground Railroad Network.  She has degrees in Biology and Environmental Education and most recently completed her PhD at the University of Louisville on the teaching strategies of wildlife ecologist and naturalist Aldo Leopold.  Nancy has received numerous awards including Outstanding Service Award from Murray State University and the Jefferson Award from the American Institute for Public Service.  She is the author of several publications including: A Place in the Lodge: Dr. Rob Morris, Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star, Oldham County: Life at the River’s Edge.  Nancy writes a weekly column on local community history for the “Neighborhoods” section of the Courier-Journal.  She records and transcribes oral histories for The Living Treasures Program published monthly in the Oldham Era.  Her hobbies include falconry, gardening, sculling on the Ohio River.  Nancy is an active board member of Bluegrass Land Conservancy, Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee and founding board member of Limestone Land Trust.


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